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Focus on what’s important

Given the fast-paced world we now live in, it’s incredibly easy for our focus to shift toward things that are not only distracting, but also a complete waste of time because they serve no true purpose in the pursuit of our big goals and dreams. Yet, the more we attend to these time-wasters, the more

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Be Accountable

Think about three (3) things that you’d like to accomplish this year. Write them down somewhere: 1.  2.  3.  Now, think about how you plan to get these three things done. It’s a little harder isn’t it?  Often, we make lists and then re-make them with the exact same items as before because we have

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Taking Risks

We all have our own cozy little comfort zones. We like to operate from places we know that put us at ease, especially when change is looming. Maybe we like to be the first person in a meeting to raise our hand and say something or maybe we often say “no” to new ideas because they would change our well-established work processes. 

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